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We believe in investing in the development of junior talent. We offer internships for students and a rotational program for recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in a variety of commercial and support functions.

At CCI, you develop skills that deliver real impact. We value fresh perspectives and smart ideas that will help us lead the future of sustainable and reliable energy.


Every successful career begins with a strong foundation

Gain valuable expertise and exposure through our summer internship or graduate rotational program. Our interns and graduate analysts develop unique skills honed through real-time experiences.



Cultivate advanced skills by developing your knowledge base and exploring interests that will help build your career.


Develop your professional and personal skills through our tailored mentorship program.



Gain industry insights and fast track your development, by working alongside the brightest minds in the industry, attending learning workshops, participating in training sessions and more.


Rotational Program & Internship

Our two-year Commercial Analyst Rotational Program aims to identify commercially focused talent and develop them into risk taking roles within CCI. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about the commodities markets and enjoy analyzing data to make investment decisions. Program participants will gain exposure to risk management, financial and/or physical trading (depending on location). The European program is based out of our London office, and U.S. Program is based out of both our Houston, TX and Stamford, CT locations.

General Responsibilities Include:

  • Analyzing markets to identify trading opportunities, and understand risks

  • Design and develop models to analyze economic data, market fundamentals, and forecast prices

  • Perform research and statistical studies of identified risk factors

  • Identify market pricing trends and discontinuity

  • Design and formulate trade ideas with rigorous risk management

  • Run back-testing to verify the strategy prior to production execution

  • Review research reports and articles that examine recent developments in the energy markets

Our Summer Internship Program is for participants to gain exposure to Physical & Financial commodity trading with an emphasis on risk and technology by working with two different trading desks. At the end of the program, a desk may extend an offer of employment to join our Commercial Analyst Rotational Program. 

We seek candidates that are passionate about the financial/commodities markets, with strong analytical capabilities and solid technical skills. Candidates should be pursuing a bachelor’s or Master’s in Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Finance, Statistics, Business, Computer Science, Physics, or a related field of study.

U.S. campus recruitment starts annually in early August with application deadlines in mid-September. U.K. campus recruitment also starts in early August with application deadline in mid-October.



CCI is building out a best-in-class front office technology and data science platform which supports data access, management and analytics via ml platforms, visualization tools, reporting, APIs, and associated toolkits to promote a robust analytics framework which is vital to its investment process. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in Python or Java and an interest in cloud-based development.

The front office technology Internship will be actively involved in projects as the team executes on work related to API-driven development, and other supporting processes & frameworks. The data science Internship will be actively involved as the team executes on new data analysis (traditional and Machine Learning driven), creates new data ingestion pipelines, and sources new data sets. Both roles will have significant exposure to commercial investment teams in the Firm.

We seek candidates that are passionate about innovating and solving problems through technical solutions. Candidates should have an interest in programming, cloud-based technologies, and analytics and be pursuing a bachelor’s or Masters degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or related field of study.

Campus recruitment starts annually in early August with application deadlines in late-September.


Rotational Program & Internship

The core objective of the Rotational Program is to identify and develop the next generation of leaders across Merchant Operations, Finance, or potentially within CCI’s commercial businesses. Throughout the program, participants will have regular interaction with the leaders of our Merchant Operations and Finance groups as well as our commercial businesses to gain an understanding of our approach to various opportunities across global markets.

This is a two-year rotational program where you will gain exposure to a variety of support functions including: physical operations, settlements, trading operations, FP&A, corporate accounting, credit, tax, treasury, and product control as well as work on special projects around strategic initiatives and strategy for the organization.

Associates will participate in four different six-month rotations among these different groups, where they will gain exposure to our commercial side of our business in addition to the core functions of each rotation. Rotations will be matched based on where there are the best development and growth opportunities for Associates.

Training will be provided to provide a well-rounded understanding of the industry as well as technical skills. At any point during the two-year program a group, either within commercial support or the commercial business, can extend an offer of employment to the Associate and if they accept the offer the Associate would no longer rotate to the next group.

The U.S. Summer Internship Rotational Program is a ten-week internship where you will experience a shortened version of one, or occasionally two, rotations from the full time Merchant Operations & Finance Rotational Program. 

We seek candidates who are forward thinking, solutions oriented, and passionate about building their careers. Candidates should be pursuing their bachelor’s in Accounting, Business, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Finance, Statistics, Physics or a related field of study.

U.S. campus recruitment starts annually in early August with application deadlines in mid-September. U.K. campus recruitment also starts in early August with application deadline in mid-October.

Hear from students who joined CCI through one of our campus programs
  • What are the key things you learned from working at CCI?

    “At CCI, I learned how to work and communicate with multiple teams across the company, how to work with new members joining the team, and I gained the opportunity to meet with people in various roles to get a better understanding of the natural gas trading business. ”


    Merchant Operations & Finance Intern
  • What is the culture at CCI?

    “My experience of CCI’s culture has been excellent, the firm is packed with self-starters and entrepreneurial types that are passionate about their work and excited to engage you in conversation, regardless of their seniority. This culture allows you to learn at a rapid pace and contribute to the trading floor at an early state. The culture, alongside the prospect of working with some of the best minds in industry, were major drivers for joining CCI.”


    Quantitative Research Analyst
  • What is the culture at CCI?

    “The culture at CCI is built around being your best professional self. It’s extremely inclusive and an environment that wants you to succeed and grow by giving you all the tools and resources you need. Being right on the trading floor gives you the opportunity to build connections in every department which is filled with the brightest people in the industry. ”


    Merchant Operations & Finance Analyst
  • What is the culture at CCI?

    “The culture at CCI is very supportive. You are given a good amount of responsibility from the beginning which makes the work very engaging. Some of the projects that I worked on involved modelling jet fuel and diesel flows into Europe based on arbitrage opportunities. It was very encouraging to see the projects you have worked on being actually used by traders. I would definitely recommend CCI to anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset and is passionate about commodities.”


    Commercial Analyst
  • What is the culture at CCI?

    “I would highly recommend other graduates to join our rotational program. The company offers valuable opportunities for professional growth and development. The supportive and collaborative nature of the firm allow you to truly challenge your self and create a meaningful impact in the company.”


    Merchant Operations & Finance Analyst