Castleton Commodities International's power business is fully integrated across its research platform, trading activities, and principal investing activities. The Company’s trading and investing activities are driven by its proprietary research platform and information flow from its daily activity in the wholesale power markets.

Power markets are regional and highly fragmented due to limited interconnections between regions and differences in approach to managing wholesale markets across these regions. Therefore, investing successfully in the sector throughout multiple cycles requires a broad and active understanding of regional fundamentals.

CCI has a deep understanding of regional markets through its sophisticated research platform. The Company has a number of professionals with advanced degrees who use proprietary models to identify trading and investment opportunities in the sector and its related fuel markets.

At the start of 2012, CCI closed on its first power generation investment. Since then, we have added to our power portfolio owning and/or providing management services to 13 power generation assets totaling approximately 4,400 MW of generation capacity across North America and Europe as of August 2021.

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Castleton Commodities participates in the markets for electric energy, capacity, ancillary services, and financial transmission rights across all major power regions in North America. The Company is also active in the European markets.


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