Natural Gas

Castleton Commodities International's natural gas activities include the ownership of physical reserves, physical and financial trading, leasing of storage and transport capacity, and transacting with producers and consumers.

Our U.S. Natural Gas Business operates through a vast network of pipelines and storage facilities, with trading activities across all major hubs in North America, providing CCI with unparalleled information flow and daily contact with key participants in the energy industry.

CCI’s European Natural Gas business operates across Western European markets, including the major liquid hubs, NBP (UK) and TTF (Holland) and actively utilizes storage and transportation assets throughout Europe.

The Company’s global gas teams operate out of offices in Houston, Calgary and London.

100 pipelines

Castleton Commodities' U.S. Natural Gas business consistently ranks among the top marketers of natural gas in the U.S. transacting on approximately 100 pipelines and over 60 storage facilities to create a geographically diverse portfolio of natural gas assets. CCI’s natural gas storage leases comprise one of the largest independent storage portfolios in North America.

Platform capabilities

Wholesale Gas Marketing

CCI has a veteran, best-in-class gas logistics team with proven performance of value creation through its transport, storage and supply optimization activities.

CCI utilizes its proprietary deal flow, sourced through long-term relationships with leading industry participants, to provide baseload and peaking gas sales across multiple physical markets.

Producer Services

We purchase well-head meter specific gas and utilize our physical asset presence and counterparty depth to provide balancing services across all nomination cycles. Activities include processing, transportation, balancing, purchases, and sales of natural gas.

Asset Management

CCI has significant experience structuring and executing gas asset optimization agreements benefiting both upstream and midstream asset owners.

The team has a deep understanding of processing commodities through assets and managing the associated scheduling, logistics and support functions. CCI leverages its proprietary knowledge base to extract value from under-utilized assets.

Wholesale Purchase & Sale Activity

Offerings include intra-day, daily, monthly, and term, fixed, index, NYMEX, daily calls, swaps, options, collars, park and loans, firm storage and transportation, LNG and feed gas supply, peaking services, municipal natural gas prepays, and volumetric production payments.


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