Risk Management

Effective risk management is a core component of our success. It allows us to pursue commercial opportunities across the globe with the confidence that we can quantify and understand the risks we take. The Company has financial exposures in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia across a broad range of commodity markets including crude oil and refined products, natural gas liquids, natural gas, power, coal, freight, iron ore, and agriculture. Our risk management team measures, controls and optimizes our worldwide operational, market and credit risks.

Risk Measurement

CCI’s risk measurement encompasses both trading and assets. The Company actively monitors, measures and manages market, credit, counterparty, liquidity, and funding risks across its trading and asset portfolios.

Risk Monitoring

Risk is monitored globally by dedicated market and credit risk professionals.


The risk management culture at CCI has enabled the Company to achieve attractive long-run risk-adjusted returns throughout its history.


The Company strongly believes in maximizing the use of technology to inform and help manage growth and risks worldwide. We have invested in the latest trading and risk management systems that provide the infrastructure to successfully pursue a vibrant growth strategy.