4 Pillars

The foundation of our business rests on four key pillars that enable us to add value and efficiency to the marketplace.

  1. Research-based Investing

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  2. Strong capital base

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  3. Credibility and reliability

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  4. Talented employee base

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  • Research-Based investing

    We employ a research-driven approach that enables us to develop both short-term and long-term views on the commodity markets. Our employees, who hold a significant number of advanced degrees and PhDs, have developed and institutionalized CCI’s proprietary intellectual capital base over many years. This research base enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of commodity market fundamentals across the globe and forms the foundation of all our investment activities.

  • Strong capital base

    CCI‘s equity capital is sourced from world-class investors who are committed to the growth of the business. This permanent capital base allows us to take a long-term view and invest both opportunistically and counter-cyclically. Our shareholders provide strategic and financial value to the Company and prioritize long-term returns over short-term profits. 

  • Credibility and reliability

    Our reputation as a reliable, credible and trustworthy partner is critical to our long-term value creation. It allows us to hire and retain outstanding people, obtain favorable financing to scale the business, attract high-quality investors, and maintain deep relationships with over 2,000 counterparties.

  • Talented employee base

    Our diverse and multi-faceted talent pool is one of the Company’s greatest assets. Our employees have expertise in commodity and capital markets, principal investing, risk management, finance, logistics, asset and trade operations, and asset development. This diverse range of skills enables CCI to evaluate, acquire, develop and transact on a broad range of opportunities. We promote an entrepreneurial culture and encourage all of our employees to work in a collaborative team-based environment across businesses and geographies.