• Trading & Research

    CCI’s trading and research functions are key drivers of our commercial success as a global commodities merchant. These functions depend on the skills and expertise of our trading and research professionals and their ability to effectively navigate complex markets around the world. At CCI, fundamental analysis is driven by data and includes both top-down and bottom-up views of each market in which we operate. These analyses range from micro supply and demand dynamics in specific regions to broader global themes that affect multiple markets. We support our commodity specific analyses with an understanding of the global macroeconomic environment.

    CCI’s comprehensive commodities merchant platform is capable of deploying capital into physical commodities, related financial derivatives, and assets throughout the supply chain. Our merchant activities include sourcing, storing, processing and delivering physical commodities as well as warehousing commodity price risk. As a member of the CCI team, you will have the ability to work across functions to find the best opportunities. The Company is constantly growing, providing entrepreneurial opportunities for employees to expand into new roles and locations within the firm.

    Our teams are comprised of both traders and analysts with a variety of backgrounds and skills, working side-by-side in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment.

  • Business Development

    The Business Development team provides strategic advice and expansion capability to CCI’s asset and merchant activities. We do this by conducting strategic reviews of market opportunities, advising senior management on optimal capital allocation, leading M&A and divestiture activities, and running targeted capital initiatives.

    The Business Development team tracks strategic activity across our industry with a focus on M&A and capital markets. We also interact regularly with potential commercial partners, key industry participants, and the capital markets. Given this team’s vantage point and breadth of coverage, its input is critical to ensuring informed strategic decision making at CCI.

  • Finance

    The Finance Department at CCI provides the overall financial control, accounting and reporting functions, and manages liquidity, capital and credit risk.

    Our professionals work closely with front, mid and other back office departments to provide the necessary support for CCI’s merchant and asset businesses globally. The Finance Department is responsible for a number of functions including:

    • managing liquidity risk
    • assessing and advising on the creditworthiness of CCI’s counterparties
    • designing and operating systems to support financial management, planning and forecasting
    • monthly close of the general ledger
    • preparation of the Company’s monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to internal and external users
    • management of independent audits of the Company’s financial statements
    • managing special projects and supporting new businesses

    The Finance Department is organized into discrete groups that cover these responsibilities, and is designed to meet the many challenges of a rapidly growing environment through commitment, ownership, and teamwork. Our people come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. The team includes specialists in fields such as accounting, tax, capital markets and several who have broader business experience.


    How We're Organized

    The Finance Department is organized into discrete groups with a broad remit:

    • The Controllers team is responsible for safeguarding CCI’s financial assets - we help to plan and forecast various business metrics, report information to internal and external stakeholders, and maintain the overall integrity of CCI’s finances and expenditures.
    • The Tax team works in offices around the world to ensure that CCI complies with the tax laws of the countries in which we operate.
    • The Treasury & Capital Markets team manages CCI’s liquidity, daily cash flow and trade finance functions including cash receipts and disbursements, bank transfers, letters of credit and guarantees. Our Capital Markets specialists are responsible for secured and unsecured funding programs, as well as the level and composition of CCI’s consolidated and subsidiary level capital.
    • The Credit team protects CCI against counterparty credit risks and advises internally on counterparty credit ratings.


    These teams have significant interaction with Operations, Legal and Credit teams to determine cash flow forecasts and optimal funding structures.

  • Risk

    Risk management is a core element of the Company’s activities and our Risk Management team reports directly to the CEO. At CCI Risk Management is integrated into all of our commercial decision making. The Company views its various merchant businesses as components of a portfolio, and allocates capital with the objective of maximizing the risk adjusted return of the portfolio. The Company’s market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks are monitored in real time by the Risk Group. Risk taking is governed by CCI's risk management policies, and is ultimately overseen by the company’s risk management committee.

  • Operations

    Trading Operations

    The Global Trading Operations team at CCI is comprised of a number of departments responsible for processing each step in the life cycle of a transaction. These functions include: Trade Capture, Confirmations, Product scheduling, Portfolio Administration, Position Control, Financial and Physical Product settlements, and Exchange Reconciliation.

    Our team supports the company’s global activities with a localized presence in our offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

    In addition to processing transactions through their life cycle, Global Trading Operations plays an integral role in the growth of CCI. A special initiatives team is dedicated to onboarding and integrating the Company’s expansion into new products and markets. In addition, this team also works to ensure that we have the various new systems required to keep CCI on the cutting edge of operational excellence.

    Global Trading Operations has coverage via personnel stationed regionally around the world. The organization is designed for each team to have an in depth understanding of the business in order to provide maximum customer service while maintaining high efficiency and effectiveness.

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology department at CCI is responsible for delivering best in class solutions that meet the needs of our information intensive businesses globally.

    At CCI we strive to always deploy the best possible information technology infrastructure and the most efficient and powerful energy trading and risk management software applications. In fact we are currently making significant capital investments to upgrade our user experience.

    Our run-the-business IT teams are organized to deliver a variety of services including help desk, database support, business analysis development, software development, data center management, mobile access and disaster recovery. The IT team also works with several technology vendors to provide global 24x7 supports to deliver these services in a cost effective manner.

    A foundation of stability and disciplined growth supports our ability to take advantage of new opportunities. We look forward to change and capitalize on it. For an information technology professional, there’s always a challenging project or initiative around the corner that gives you broader exposure and the opportunity to enhance your career potential.

    Special Projects 

    In addition to providing technology support and innovation, the IT group also maintains a special projects function. This function is a one stop shop that coordinates all aspects from basic facilities set-up to processing and management of complex transactions. Given the entrepreneurial and dynamic nature of the company, this function is staffed with people who have the necessary cross functional skills, in addition to IT, to enable our businesses to react quickly when they want to engage in new products and new markets.

  • Legal & Compliance

    The Legal & Compliance Department manages the Company’s legal, regulatory and compliance activities. We are involved in all aspects of the Company’s business, including merchant trading and asset operations, M&A and divestitures, corporate finance activities, dispute resolution and litigation, the Company’s relationships with regulators, exchanges and commodities platforms, and employment and benefit matters.

    Our attorneys have broad experience in the energy and commodity markets and have typically joined the Company from other leading global merchant trading firms or internationally recognized law firms.

    Senior management at CCI believes that our strong compliance culture is crucial to the success of our organization. Our Compliance Group’s principal function is to support this culture at all levels of our organization.

    Our Compliance Group supports our business through clear dialogue, written policies and procedures, training and monitoring. As part of the Office of the General Counsel, our Compliance Group also coordinates the Company’s relations with governmental bodies and self-regulatory organizations that oversee or impact our businesses.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is a strategic partner to the Company's global businesses. In all of our endeavors we seek to support our colleagues by managing processes and programs that attract top talent and support their development and retention. The job functions on the Human Resources team include: Human Resources Generalists, Compensation, Recruiting, Benefits and Payroll.

    Photo of Alex Antestenis

    “Working in Human Resources at CCI offers diversified career opportunities. My role affords me the privilege of supporting CCI’s Asset businesses and Houston-based trading operations. I am expected to work closely with business leadership to drive a best-in-class Human Resources agenda that supports the growth of CCI. My role allows me to utilize skills in problem solving, decision making, and relationship building while managing risks to deliver HR programs and solutions. It is a great source of pride for me to be part of this team.”

    Alex Antestenis, Executive Director, Human Resources Generalist