Other Assets

The Company invests opportunistically in other energy commodity assets that exhibit attractive risk reward profiles and are complementary to our existing business.

Delta-Energy Group

CCI, through one of its subsidiaries, has a controlling stake in Delta-Energy Group (“DEG”), a green chemical company that converts end-of-life tires into specialty chemicals and recovered carbon black. DEG has developed a proven and patented process to recover carbon black and marketable oil liquid from used tires and operates a commercial-scale plant in Natchez, Mississippi, with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons of end-of-life tires.

CCI completed the transaction in June 2017. DEG is owned in partnership with Bridgestone Americas and DEG's founders.

Louis Dreyfus Zhong Ao Energy Terminal and Storage Facility

Louis Dreyfus Zhong Ao Energy is a jointly-owned oil and petrochemical import/export terminal and storage facility in Zhoushan City, Liuheng Island, off the coast of Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. The project consists of a 1.4 million barrel storage facility and deep water port with a 75-foot draft. CCI is a minority partner in the project providing commercial development expertise to the joint venture. The project has capacity for expansion of an additional 7.5 million barrels to store crude oil and petroleum products.


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